Clifford Slagathor

Third Son of Arthur, Master of Horse


Clifford lives for two things: fighting and pleasure. Clifford has an aversion to the sea, as, unlike most, he cannot swim, and therefore only stays by the cliffs. But he is possibly the best horse-master, which is why he is Master of the Horse. He has volunteered to fight the mountain men numerous times, and has earned some glory in this fashion. He has also placed well in various jousting and sword competitions, but can be a bit passionate; Arthur had to stop him from participating in a trial-by-combat when he was young for a man clearly guilty of his crimes. He often only stays at the Teeth a few days at a time, spending at least a day alone in prayer, and then rides off with his small company.


Clifford arrived from a Mountain Men hunting excursion a month ago, and enjoyed spending time with his family – even if he had to eat fish at first. He spend much time preparing for the tournament, and was disappointed in being eliminated in the 2nd round at the Wedding of the Grafton, losing to Elbert Arryn, heir to the Vale. He did keep his anger in control during his loss though.

Clifford spend much of the day praying to the Seven with his sister Nina before the voyage to Gulltown. During the voyage he may have gotten sea-sick. At Gulltown, Clifford was ready to fight Leona and Doge Frey after they indirectly stated that Ysabel may be bought for a gold dragon. During every day of the wedding, Clifford got pretty damn drunk and was unsuccessful in finding a potential wife. Still, he had a good time, so that’s something. PARTY ON CLIFFORD!

Clifford spend some time praying at the Teeth upon returning from the Wedding and helping the Teeth prepare for winter. He escorted his sister to House Crowmore, where upon seeing tracks wished immediately to pursue, only to be convinced to do otherwise. With Ser Gerald Bareley and his brother Avlon, they investigated suspicious shadowcat traits, only to find a carcass and a Bonebreaker, who was caught. A little interrogation revealed the BBs to be in the area, near the hunting forest. Clifford leads the military men to battle, following the tracks of the BBs, eager for combat. He found them in mid-amush of the Crowmores, where Clifford killed a half-dozen men on his own, including the Bonebreaker’s leader Wolf’s Shadowcat “Dream-Chaser”. He also potentially saved Ysabel’s life. Still, the new mountain men servant said he would keep his secret…(cue dramatic music)

During the Redwood Investigation, Clifford went on another hunt that lasted for over a month before returning on time. He calmed Nina during her incident, and proved later to Leo that he knew his Way of Seven religion when he could answer those questions. During the pirate attack, Clifford was able to recover the five dead bodies from the Canary’s crash, and he helped Linfei during his assassination attempt. He is practicing well from the upcoming Raven Five meeting, hoping to be the best warrior in the Raven Five tournament.

Clifford Slagathor

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