Avlon Slagathor

4th Son of Arthur, Loner of the Wild


Avlon does not have any memories of his mother, and is distant from the rest of the family. Withdrawn and quiet, Avlon is often seen staring out to sea or towards the mountains. Avlon is good with a bow, but the black-haired child, smallest of the immediate family in physical size, does not care for hunting. Out of all the Slagathor children, he is the most fascinated by the wilderness and by the family’s heritage of the north. He dislikes the heat, the religion of the seven and the taste of alcohol, but has a penchant of wearing heavy furs and meditating at trees and longs to see a live crocodile. Rumors around the Teeth say he may take the black in the near future, though that may just be a reflection of another truth: Avlon has only a few friends, with his cold demeanor.


Avlon is finishing his classes with Maester Meera, but is normally quiet in classes, looking outside towards the wilderness. He has spent much time practicing with his bow and associating with Rena Stone, Master of Horses, learning how to ride a horse in the wild. He eagerly awaits winter and did not mind not going to Gulltown.

While the family was away, Avlon went with Rena Stone on his hunt led by himself, hunting a deer by himself; this was enough for Arthur to declare Avlon as the Master of Hunt of the Family. Avlon spent some time with Leo, practicing their melee and archery skins, and Avlon expressed concern with Nina, asking if something had changed.

It seems Leo’s concern spread to Clifford, who focused on spending time with him on their trip to House Crowmore to escort Ysabel, in his first mission. He spotted suspicious shadowcat tracks, knowing they were not normal for the land or for this time of season. As the lead tracker, his keen vision helped the team follow those same tracks later, although he first got overly-eager on coffee at Greenwind, and tried to get Rupert adopted off. He spotted the Bone-Breaker Raynar scouting on them, and with Dalton, Timothy, and Colombo, caught him. He aided Clifford in interrogating him, though he was kinder than his brother. Still, he tricked Raynar during the talk, earning the goodwill of the men. Ser Barkley seems fond of the lad. Sadly, Ser Barkley died during the battle with the Stonebreakers – still Avlon handled himself well, killing the leader of the Bonebreakers horse and nearly killing him – earning a rival of his own. He impressed both Crowmore and Slagathor with his valor.

Avlon has spent time researching on alligators in the castle’s library, but is disapponted in the knowledge has has found so far. He believes that there should be a way to bring them south. He spent some time with Rupert eating desserts, and practiced his bow skills with Clifford and Raynar. During the pirate incident, Ysabel requested that he keep Nina away from the pirates, which he complied with. He won’t say how he accomplished this. When the assassin Ratifi attacked, he injured the man with his arrows – but it was decision to have Raynar with him that saved Nina’s life.

Avlon Slagathor

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