Allison Slagathor

Deceased Wife of Arthur


Allison was the second daughter of House Grafton, a family opposed to House Slagathor since Slagathor settled on Grafton’s lands 300 years ago. Married to Arthur, Allison was ssecretly sent as a viper; within a year or two of marriage, her toxins had purged Arthur’s parents from this world, making Arthur the leader of House Slagathor. Allison had numerous children with Arthur.

However, Allison had a dark side; she was charismatic but monstrous. She liked to have people tortured and killed, and lots of civilians mysteriously disappeared during her time. Eventually she went too far; she killed Madelynne’s brother, a newly appointed knight and a shining star of the area.

Madelynne decided to take actions into her own hands, and killed Allison in revenge. However, as the blame was placed on Madelynne for all of Allison’s crimes, she is buried with honor.


Allison was the youngest child of the Graftons, and she was close to her brothers Viktor and Randall, but in particular with Marq. The memories the children have of her is positive.

She would make annual visits to Gulltown to see family, though often alone. A proud woman of good taste, she seemed comfortable in both the glamour of the city and the quietness of the rural.

Allison Slagathor

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