Alarys Coldwater

Septa, Sister, Devout


A simple looking woman, dressed in simple grey cotton clothes and a shawl covering her dark brown hair. Taller than her sister, she has inherited more of her father’s looks. To most she has a stern look to her – to House Slagathor, a friendly one.


Daughter of Heather Slagathor and Samuel Coldwater, she is the youngest of three, with her siblings Meera and Gabriel older than her, age 29. She was only two when her father died, so she has only a memory or two of life before moving back to the Teeth. One of those memories was being comforted by a Septa at her father’s funeral, and seeing how everyone looked to the Septa for help.

As Alarys grew older, she continued to be fascinated by the Seven; the Seven-Pointed Star was read multiple times in her childhood. A year after her sister left to become a Maester in Old Town, she left with her mother’s permission to train as a Septa in Runestone. She trained there for ten years, and was initially appointed to the Eryie for a couple of years, before being re-assigned to Runestone, where she has remained. She has developed a good relationship with Septa Lucos, who runs the Septum.

Alarys likes to poke fun at Meera by asking when Lord Arthur is finally going to build a sept so she can transfer, but Meera always tells her that there aren’t any funds for it. The family doesn’t get to see her often, but Lord Arthur always pays for her to come for events like funerals or weddings where a septa is required.

Recently, she was requested by Ysabel to come to the Teeth, to perhaps the Slagathor family understand better what happened with Nina. She told Meera that she has spend some time with Nina, helping interpret the Seven-Pointed Star, but has not found out anything yet. she, along with her brother Gabriel, expressed interest in going to their father’s tomb at House Coldwater castle, though their mother Heather has expressed negative thoughts about this.

Alarys determined that there was nothing wrong with Nina, but after she reacted to Jones, she reconsidered. She told Meera that Nina might have a skill with prophecy (which could be related to the paintings), and said she would do further research. She told Meera that their brother Gabriel had agreed to go to the Coldwaters, and believed that he should. She left the Teeth to go back to Runestone with Arthur. She also made a very poor brownies for Meera – guess not everyone is perfect.

Alarys Coldwater

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